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L3 Kigre is a premier supplier of solid-state laser components. L3 Kigre also manufactures specialty laser and filter glass materials optimized for use in microchip, microplate, fiber, waveguide and disk laser/amplifier applications. L3 Kigre laser glass materials may be doped with rare-earth elements such as erbium, ytterbium, samarium, neodymium, holmium, thulium, dysprosium, europium and praseodymium.

L3 Kigre has developed a family of diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) 1.54 µm erbium glass lasers. The Diode Pumped Solid-State lasers provide high output power in packages that are lighter, smaller, more efficient and more cost effective. Samarium and cerium glass laser cavity filter plate and flow tubes are made to order to customer-supplied drawings and specifications.

L3 Kigre laser components and subsystems are used in a wide variety of applications. L3 Kigre has built its business on excellence and scientific innovation, with the goal of providing unequaled solid-state laser expertise.

Leaders in Solid-State Laser Components