MK2-PS Laboratory Diode Driver

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For use with the Kigre MK-2 laser

Kigre manufactures a laboratory laser diode driver for use with the MK-2 laser. The driver operates from a standard USB port (5Vdc) and features precision pulsed current output for the laser. The driver accepts 2 to 18 volts DC input and includes a selectable 100mA/500mA input current setting to protect sensitive USB ports and/or batteries. The driver also includes ultra-high performance hold-up capacitors for stable pulsed current control up to the 8.5 Amps required by the MK-2 laser. Soft-start control, active current limiting, and advanced laser transient protection circuitry are included.


Power Input2-18Vdc (5 or 12Vdc typical). Standard 1A wall plug adapter with micro-USB cable included
Output Current Range1-8.5 A +/- 0.5A (internally adjustable)
Pump Pulsewidth<8.0 mS (photodiode feedback controlled)
Pulse Repetition Rate0-10Hz
External Fire Input Signal+5V TTL (4 to 18V, 0.5 to 3mS pulse) Optically Isolated Input
Trigger Sync Output Signal+5V, 1mS pulse (>=50 ohm load) Synchronized with Laser Output Pulse
Size (W x D x H)2.5" x 1.18" x 2.52" (63.5mm x 30mm x 64mm)
Weight2.1oz. (60g)
Temperature Range0°C to +50°C (Operating)
Remote ControlExternal BNC connector and via USB cable
Bluetooth EnabledYES (Free Android App available from the Google Play Store)