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MK-25 Laser Transmitter

SS,1-5Hz, 2+mJ, 6ns


"Eye-safe" 1.54 μm diode pumped
passively q-switched Erbium glass
laser transmitter with no integrated

Wave Length1535 nm
Laser Energy2+ mJ
Pulse Repetition RateSS, 1 - 5 Hz
Laser Pulse Width≈ 6 ns
Raw Beam Diameter0.8 mm
Beam Divergence≤ 4.2 mrad
M2≤ 1.7
Beam Wander≤ 0.5 mrad
Laser Head Size (in inches)1.83 x 0.78 x 0.61
Laser Head Size (in cm)4.65 x 1.98 x 1.55
Laser Head Weight≈ 51 g
Laser Operational Temperature-40 to +71 C
Laser Storage Temperature-55 to +90 C
Electrical Requirements4 V, 100 A, < 3 ms
Conductive Cooling Requirements< 6 W
Integrated Photodiode?No