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Laser History

A Brief History of Lasers

Energy Transfer Modes Adaptable to the Generation of Heat in Solids at Large Distances, J. D. Myers, 1961.

Technical Talk On Laser, J. D. Myers, 1962.

Laser Surveillance System, J. D. Myers, 1963.

Power Density Effects in Laser Produced Craters, J. D. Myers, 1964.

Thrust Producing Capability of Lasers, J. D. Myers, 1964.

Laser Ranging Experiments and Equipment, J. D. Myers, 1964.
[First Ruby Laser Rangefinder & Ceilometer]

RGI/PPI Investigation: Interim Progress Report No. 2, J. D. Myers, 1965.
[First Gigawatt Ruby Laser]

Performance Design Criteria for Owens-Illinois Laser Glass, J. D. Myers, 1967.
[First Commercial Nd:Glass Laser Rod]
[First Commercial Er:Glass Laser Rod]
[First Gigawatt Nd:Glass Laser Oscillator/Amplifier System]

Early Ruby Glass YAG Lasers

Trion Instruments/Lear Siegler Laser Systems Center brochure (1962)

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